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Activate Your Own Self-Healing Ability

I support people in whole-being nourishment so that they can come into partnership with their body's wisdom and creative life force energy to live the life they desire.


Welcome, I'm Nicole.

I offer a deep listening to the language of your body, supporting any places that long for unwinding or places within you that call for more spaciousness. With the integration of massage, craniosacral, yoga, herbalism, and spirit ignition, I help you reweave the connection back home to body and earth.


  • Nervous System Regulation

  • Womb Wellness (menstruation, conception, postpartum, menopause, and the places between)

  • Physical and Emotional Digestion

  • Body Acceptance and Compassion

  • Activation & Alignment of Creative Power

  • Relational and Sexual Empowerment

Living In Gratitude

Thank you to this Earth home that welcomes us

Thank you to our sacred bodies that hold us

Thank you to the plants that offer their guidance and medicine

Thank you to the sacred waters that help us release and receive

Thank you to the salt and the clay that help us return to our wholeness

Thank you the land guardians that have helped steward for generations

Thank you to the lineage holders of these herbal and bodywork practices

And thank you for being here in this home coming 

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